Rubber Bracelets and Athletes, Only One Does Exactly as Designed. Save Your Life!

I remember back in 2005 Al Gore was rocking a yellow rubber bracelet, and I was sold. He was wearing a Live strong bracelet, supporting cancer survivors, specifically Lance Armstrong. From that point forward rubber bracelets and athletes were as normal to see as the sneakers on their feet. There are a wide variety of rubber bracelets available to everyone. Some support a cause, others have words of wisdom, or a favorite prayer. However three brands are the consistent choice and the go to rubber bracelets currently popular with athletes.
The first one, Power Balance. This bracelet only makes me laugh; it’s a total expensive joke! For forty dollars you can purchase a rubber bracelet that supposedly has two high frequency stickers embedded. The stickers are supposed to work with your body’s natural energy field to improve balance and performance. Believe that and you are a fool. They are always demonstrating how you can’t get knocked over wearing it. It’s a total joke and only a matter of time before someone somewhere does something to prove him or her wrong. However these bogus useless bracelets attract some of the top athletes in the world, who obviously thru the influence of money support the product.
Phiten is the second completely bogus alternative. Phiten bracelets use embedded titanium that is advertised to do the exact same thing as Power Balance. They even have a popular necklace line that is extremely popular with Major League Baseball. The necklace is laced with liquid titanium, and comes with instructions that specifically states, do not get wet. Have you ever heard of an athletic person that doesn’t sweat around their neck? Power Balance and Phiten deserve an A for design, they are good looking, but have absolutely no function at all.
The only bracelet that serves any function at all is the Road ID, and it has more dominating power over everything on the market. The Road ID is capable of speaking for you and saving your life. Yes, the bracelet truly can become your voice when you are not capable of communicating. Last year I reviewed the Road ID bracelet, and was truly impressed with it. I never thought the company could or would improve the product; there was no need as it was already perfect. This spring Road ID released the new Slim ID, and it is awesome. Before I get into the awesome design of their bracelets, you must first understand what a Road ID is.
Road ID, is an identification bracelet linked with an interactive online personal profile. It’s designed to be worn by everyone, athletic people, diabetics, young children, even a dog could benefit from it. The online profile is locked and only accessible by a first responder coming to your aid. By phone or Internet they can view your entire medical profile, vital information that you can’t tell them. The owner of the bracelet customizes the online profile. Anything you want a first responder to know you can list, medical info, allergies, and even your favorite ice cream. The Road ID is the only bracelet that can give you piece of mind should what if occur. Anyone listed on your profile, will be contacted, a proper check-in to the ER, and emergency room staff will have your instructions to manage all your medical needs. That’s why Road ID is the only rubber bracelet anyone should ever wear, it will save your life!
The new Slim ID, is my current go to rubber bracelet. I find myself wearing it not only during my runs, but also everywhere. People are constantly asking what it is, and how can they get one. The information plate is laser engraved with all vital info, and my serial number and pin are safely tucked behind. The Slim ID retails for less than the cost of a pizza. Replacement bands are only one dollar, and come in a variety of different colors. I chose the black Slim ID, and the best comment I have received is that it looks like an expensive piece of jewelry. Little do they know it’s my guardian angel, and can spring into action at anytime I need.
By now I am sure you agree, that your current Power Balance will make an excellent chew toy for your dog, as it is useless. I recommend visiting, soon you will be wearing the only athletic bracelet that actual does exactly what it was designed to do.