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Rubber Bracelets and Athletes, Only One Does Exactly as Designed. Save Your Life!

I remember back in 2005 Al Gore was rocking a yellow rubber bracelet, and I was sold. He was wearing a Live strong bracelet, supporting cancer survivors, specifically Lance Armstrong. From that point forward rubber bracelets and athletes were as normal to see as the sneakers on their feet. There are a wide variety of rubber bracelets available to everyone. Some support a cause, others have words of wisdom, or a favorite prayer. However three brands are the consistent choice and the go to rubber bracelets currently popular with athletes.
The first one, Power Balance. This bracelet only makes me laugh; it’s a total expensive joke! For forty dollars you can purchase a rubber bracelet that supposedly has two high frequency stickers embedded. The stickers are supposed to work with your body’s natural energy field to improve balance and performance. Believe that and you are a fool. They are always demonstrating how you can’t get knocked over wearing it. It’s a total joke and only a matter of time before someone somewhere does something to prove him or her wrong. However these bogus useless bracelets attract some of the top athletes in the world, who obviously thru the influence of money support the product.
Phiten is the second completely bogus alternative. Phiten bracelets use embedded titanium that is advertised to do the exact same thing as Power Balance. They even have a popular necklace line that is extremely popular with Major League Baseball. The necklace is laced with liquid titanium, and comes with instructions that specifically states, do not get wet. Have you ever heard of an athletic person that doesn’t sweat around their neck? Power Balance and Phiten deserve an A for design, they are good looking, but have absolutely no function at all.
The only bracelet that serves any function at all is the Road ID, and it has more dominating power over everything on the market. The Road ID is capable of speaking for you and saving your life. Yes, the bracelet truly can become your voice when you are not capable of communicating. Last year I reviewed the Road ID bracelet, and was truly impressed with it. I never thought the company could or would improve the product; there was no need as it was already perfect. This spring Road ID released the new Slim ID, and it is awesome. Before I get into the awesome design of their bracelets, you must first understand what a Road ID is.
Road ID, is an identification bracelet linked with an interactive online personal profile. It’s designed to be worn by everyone, athletic people, diabetics, young children, even a dog could benefit from it. The online profile is locked and only accessible by a first responder coming to your aid. By phone or Internet they can view your entire medical profile, vital information that you can’t tell them. The owner of the bracelet customizes the online profile. Anything you want a first responder to know you can list, medical info, allergies, and even your favorite ice cream. The Road ID is the only bracelet that can give you piece of mind should what if occur. Anyone listed on your profile, will be contacted, a proper check-in to the ER, and emergency room staff will have your instructions to manage all your medical needs. That’s why Road ID is the only rubber bracelet anyone should ever wear, it will save your life!
The new Slim ID, is my current go to rubber bracelet. I find myself wearing it not only during my runs, but also everywhere. People are constantly asking what it is, and how can they get one. The information plate is laser engraved with all vital info, and my serial number and pin are safely tucked behind. The Slim ID retails for less than the cost of a pizza. Replacement bands are only one dollar, and come in a variety of different colors. I chose the black Slim ID, and the best comment I have received is that it looks like an expensive piece of jewelry. Little do they know it’s my guardian angel, and can spring into action at anytime I need.
By now I am sure you agree, that your current Power Balance will make an excellent chew toy for your dog, as it is useless. I recommend visiting, soon you will be wearing the only athletic bracelet that actual does exactly what it was designed to do.

Ideas for Small Kitchen Design and Decorating

Think Color. Color can be your best friend, but only if it is the right color. In most small spaces, darker colors can make the room feel even more cramped and closed in than it already is. If your walls or cabinets are dark, a coat of paint in a lighter, brighter color can instantly open things up. Before painting cabinets, remove the cabinet doors and hardware and wash everything thoroughly beforehand to remove dirt, grease and debris from the surface. When it is dry, lightly sand the surface to make sure the paint will adhere properly.
Get on the scale. When decorating within the limitations of your small kitchen design, size matters. If you want a pattern as opposed to a solid color scheme, go with smaller prints and bear in mind that it really is true what they say – less is more. Consider a few small complementary stencils as a great versatile option. If you’re so inclined you can even make your own by drawing a design or printing one out from the internet. Then for the price of some paint and a little time, you can transform your space into a custom nook you’ve love to cook in!
Instead of buying expensive kitchen curtains and tea towels, get cheaper cotton ones in solid colors and customize them with your stencils and some fabric paint from the craft store. One way to make the room appear larger in this case is to paint your stencils on with a light color. For example, if you paint your kitchen with a pale shade of green, I would recommend finding or making curtains in the same shade and painting your design just a few shades darker than the wall color. This creates visual interest without drawing attention to the size of the room.
Make the most of the space you’ve got. If you’ve got a small kitchen, you no doubt have an issue with storage. Heck, many people with average to large kitchens do! When your square footage leaves something to be desired sometimes all you need to do is look up. More often than not, kitchen cabinets are small and cramped and don’t make the best use of the space available. If you’ve got an extra six to twelve inches between the top of the cabinet and the ceiling, you’ve got usable space. Items stored in such a space may not be the most convenient to retrieve -especially if you vertically challenged (short), but a small step stool with a nonskid surface will have you reaching for the sky in no time.
A watched pot will boil if you can just find it. If you’re like me you probably have too many pots and pans cluttering up your storage space. Take them all out of the cabinet and look at each one. Ask yourself how long it has been since you last used it. A good rule of thumb is that if you haven’t used it in three to six months, you could live without it. Sentimental value isn’t a good indicator when dealing with kitchen ware, especially in small kitchen design. If your mother’s stock pot isn’t that important until you have a roof leak, let it go. Remember that donations to nonprofit organizations – like those that run many thrift stores – are tax deductible.
Now that you’ve culled down your collection, how are you going to store it? An easy solution is to buy or build a pot rack that can either be hung from the ceiling or mounted on the wall. Your space will tell you which is the better choice for you. The space over your stove is often unused, and wouldn’t that be a convenient location for the pans you reach for the most? A simple wall mounted pot rack is a project that nearly anyone can tackle regardless of their abilities. While it may sound like an intimidating construction project in reality it is little more than a craft project you can do yourself for just a few dollars. If that still sounds like too much for you, why not buy an inexpensive bathroom towel rack and mount it over the stove? Add a few hooks and you’ve made more space for just a few dollars.
These are just a few ideas that may help in your situation. With a little thought and a touch of creativity, I’m sure you can come up with a solution that will work for you. Don’t be afraid to go to your local home improvement store and ask questions. The popular Home Depot’s tag line says “You can do it. We can help.” I’d wager that if you walk in the door and ask, they’ll prove it.

Making Your Office into a Retreat – Simple Designs to Get Your Through the Day

Ever wish you could turn your dull office into an oasis? So many days I walked into my dull gray washed office, into my dull gray washed cubicle and sat down to complete my work that was supposed to be uplifting and inspiring to others outside the gray washed walls. The office environment that was given, although most adequate, was lacking in inspiration and productivity. So, from that day on, I decided to create an environment that catered to my needs to become the most productive as possible.
Let’s face it, stress is in the work place and although some of it can be eliminated it can not be completed 100%. Even though many of us try to work out, eat healthy and try to keep positive, sometimes the efforts are just not enough. After trying to work through some issues of exercise and healthy food, the gray washed walls, deprived from natural light and unbelievable deadlines sometimes get us off track. There are some things that workers can do to change the environment that each one of us works in to give us the inspiration to keep going through the day.
1. One of the strongest enemies is fluorescent lights in the workplace. Unfortunately many companies are still using fluorescent lighting since it is cheap and long lasting. This lighting system can cause migraines, eye fatigue, drowsiness and even irritability. Try getting full-spectrum lighting in your cubicle or office setting. Many companies allow personal lamps to be setup on everyone’s desk or there is already a built in lamp at your desk that can be changed to full-spectrum lighting. Sure, you may have to fit the bill for a lamp and light however it will help in the long run. These lights can be purchased in most stores and online. This lighting system will increase vitamin D which stimulates the cortisol hormone which will eliminate “seasonal affective disorder” (SAD) and even boost the immune system.
2. Try to use Feng Shui in your office to achieve the most harmonious flow of energy and increase your productivity. This means to rearrange your office furniture to get the best flow of energy. If possible, place the main wall behind your back so you do not feel dead weight all day from it; arrange your office to face the entrance of the room so nothing startles you; alphabetize your files into a cabinet to clear away clutter; find a place for all equipment and papers to become organized and be sure to put them away after each use; place family photos of personal knick-knacks near your computer screen to peer at throughout the day; and always remember to periodically clean out your office of unneeded or outdated clutter such as papers and pens.
3. No air circulation can be a major issue in an un-friendly work environment so clean out that ‘dead’ air. Researchers have found that companies that have no air circulation have found traces of mold, bacteria, viruses, carbon monoxide and other harmful chemicals in the ductwork that can be potentially harmful to ones health. NASA has also conducted research on this topic and has concluded that one of the most natural ways to eliminate ‘dead’ air is simple; make use of the common houseplant. Space stations have found that air is cleaner if just one house plant is available to clear out the air and also it is aesthetically pleasing. If possible, try placing a houseplant on your desk to clear out the air near you and add a little color to those dull walls. Additionally, small electric purifying units are available from most household stores that will clear out the air for you. They are great for neutralizing the air and also get rid of those toxic chemicals in the air in your office.
4. Aromatherapy is another great solution when you have clean air in your office space. A familiar scent can bring about a wonderful sensory experience that can lift up anyone in the office place. There are many scents that are available today such as lavender, vanilla, peppermint, rosemary, or even geranium. These specific scents stated will clear fogginess, mental strain, frustration and stress. To get these scents in the workplace, technology has been helpful with the creation of electric room diffusers, misters, room sprays. If these options are out of the question, try just placing a little essential oil on a cloth or your wrists throughout the day to get an uplifting experience.
5. Ergonomics has become known to greatly influence the workplace and productivity. It is important that one’s keyboard, desk and chair are at the perfect height; your mouse is positioned so that your wrist can rest easily without too much strain; monitors should not be too bright – sometimes monitor glare filters can be purchased to eliminate this irritation; wireless phone headsets help one to move around freely to reduce head and neck strain; and finally, check your chair for ergonomically correct structure. If your chair is not ergonomically correct a special chair can be purchased of a rolled up sweater can be placed on the chair to fit to ones back’s need.
These are five options that I have found to change my work stress and work load drastically. I found that by doing all of these things, the work day was more productive, I was not sore after work and I just had an overall better feeling of happiness. Because there are so many stresses in the workplace, it is important to feel comfortable and make sure that it is as close to an oasis as possible. Try doing at least one of these options; you will notice a difference immediately!